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Full Service Property Management

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FPA Association Properties Group, Inc. (APG) is a property management company delivering full management and maintenance services to property owners in Hampden County. APG prior to its incorporation in 2004 was the properties division of the MHA for 15 years. This background has enhanced our expertise in areas of design modification and accommodation such as universal access strategies, selection of durable furnishings and hardware, provision of open spaces, and utilization of materials compatible with resident wear and tear. Since inception, APG has expanded customers to include other non-profit residential agencies, private landlords and commercial sites.

As a full service property management company, APG is committed to ensuring a clean and safe environment for individuals to live and work. APG helps property owners to achieve their financial goals over the short and long-term: rent collection, ongoing site maintenance, emergency repairs, property beautification, safety management, effective marketing of the property, and damage tracking and billing. To effectively minimize owner costs, APG will help owners reduce operating expense risk through energy and safety audits, securing insurance and assisting owners with the bid process to procure the most competitive price for contracted services. APG will also partner with customers to reduce capital expense risk by conducting preventative maintenance and creating a long-term budgeting audit/plan.


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Association Properties Group Inc.
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